Jimmy Kimmel Tops Ciara and Flo Rida For Most Dangerous Celebrity


He doesn't seem all that threatening, but Jimmy Kimmel is the McAfee Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2014.

According to the software security company there is a nearly 1 in 5 chance of reaching a site "that tests positive for viruses and other malware" when you search for videos and other information about the late night talk show host.

It is unusual for a male to top the list; it hadn't happen since Brad Pitt was most dangerous in 2008.

Kimmel was followed by another male, Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren, then Ciara was third and Flo Rida and Bruce Springsteen rounded out the top five. Blake Shelton, Britney Spears, Jon Bon Jovi, Chelsea Handler and Christina Aguilera ranked six through ten.

It's a pretty random list, and the inclusion of Flo Rida and Ciara is a bit strange since neither came out with an album this year, nor did either do anything particularly news worthy.

Still, it's always career affirming when somebody refers to you as a "celebrity," dangerous or otherwise. Somewhere Kanye is steaming about not making the list.

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