Jimmy Butler Challenges To Play Lou Williams For Money Over All Star Controversy


Jimmy Butler decided not to play in the NBA All-Star game at the last minute. That elicited a reaction from Lou Williams, who may have been picked to replace the Timberwolves guard if Butler had informed the league he was going to sit out earlier in the week.


Williams later said he was just trolling and didn't care about what Butler had done. But Jimmy wasn't buying that and fired back at the Clippers sixth man in an interview with ESPN's Cassidy Hubbarth:

“My thing is this: To Lou and to whoever else thinks they’re an All-Star, with all due respect, LeBron and them got $100,000 for winning. If you got 100K to put up and we play one another, you guard me, I guard you, I’m gonna show you why. All this talk? Put $100,000 up, and I’ll show you why and where I’m at.”

Clouding all of this is the rather serious looking non-contact knee injury Butler suffered in his game last night. It's possible he won't be playing basketball for a while.

When he's back on the court, should Williams take up that offer?

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