Jim Jones Says He Needs To Fight French Montana To Settle Beef

By HHL Editors

Jim Jones was on the Breakfast Club today, and he spent a good chunk of the interview talking about his various NYC beefs.

Toward the end of the talk he was asked if he could peace it up with Jay Z, Nas, Cam'ron and Tru Life.

He immediately said that he could.

But when they added French Montana (whom Jones has had issues with relating to Max B) to the mix, Jones changed his tune.

"Fuck French. He's gonna have to shoot a fair one. I don't care what go on. He's gonna have to shoot a fair one for life. He gonna have to shoot something boy. That's just that," said Jones during the interview. "But everyone else, we cool. Me and French could be cool after we shoot the fair one. He might win."
"Why hands?" DJ Envy asked Jones.

"Because personally I could have devoured them. I seen them in numerous places. But for me it wasn't the proper place for me to exercise my authority... That's just a personal issue I just got with me. Imma stick with my guns."
Jones then added that he would be willing to fight both French and French's brother at the same time.

"2 on 1. They need to get their weight up," Jones taunted.
Check out the interview below. Jones starts talking French and company at the 45 minute mark.

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