Jim Jones Responds to All The Talk Leonardo Dicaprio Is Playing Him In Movie


Earlier this week, it was announced that Leonardo Dicaprio would be playing Jim Jones in an upcoming movie.

That would be Jim Jones the cult leader who made "drinking the Kool-Aid" a thing and left 900 dead.

Not Jim Jones the Dipset rapper with the colorful vocabulary.

Some younger people on Twitter who had never heard of the Jonestown massacre were confused and believed Leo would by playing Capo which, among other things, wouldn't be very politically correct.

Jones responded to the confusion and memes last night.

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"I’m a have to show him how to throw up then gang Signs
He gone need some gang tutoring lol 😂
They said it would b Leo or Denzel I said Leo n me could pass for brothers
Don’t u see th resemblance
Box office Sh*t lol
Leo plays me in th new Jim Jones movie harlem we up," Capo typed.

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