Jim Jones Laughs Hysterically Before Accusing French Montana Of Ducking Fade

By HHL Editors

Jim Jones was on ESPN's Highly Questionable yesterday, having a great time discussing all the fights he has had, and has been able to avoid.

When host Dan Le Batard asked him about his beef with French Montana, which almost came to blows last year in Miami, Jones began laughing uncontrollably. Then he accused French of ducking that fade.

"Shout's to French; he’s a lover not a fighter," Jones laughed. "He didn't want no sauce with that [fight]; I think that would have been his best bet. I still don’t think he want no sauce with that. So he should continue loving and enjoy his career and make the money he’s making. Because by chance he make that mistake, that’s gonna be a bad mistake for his ass."
For Jones to diss French so enthusiastically seems a bit insensitive, given that Montana is still mourning the death of his boy Chinx.

But Jones wants everybody to know that the episode was filmed a couple weeks ago, so he wasn't trying to kick a man when he's down.

The whole Highly Questionable segment is pretty entertaining, but Jones addresses the Montana situation at the 7:45 mark.

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