Jim Jones Kicked Out Of LA Fitness; Says He Was Profiled [WATCH]

By Daryl Nelson

Jim Jones had a run in with some staff people at LA Fitness, and he recorded the whole thing on video. In the short clip, you can see Capo at the gym's front desk as he explains what he thinks is going on.

"So I'm in LA Fitness, and I tried to get a charger, and they trying to kick me out and terminate me," he said. "The lady lied on me. She said that I gave her the middle finger, and then she tried to tell me I'm getting terminated for asking for a charger. I've yet said anything to anyone. I haven't raised my voice to anyone. I haven't done anything to anyone. So right now I feel I'm being profiled."

Then one of the staff people accused Jim of playing the victim. He responded to that by pointing his camera straight at the guy. You can see the whole thing below.

Do you think Jim handled this the right way?