Jim Jones Hates His Biggest Hit

By HHL Editors

It was hard to avoid the Jim Jones hit 'We Fly High (Ballin')' in 2006.

It's been hard for Jones to avoid it since then, and that's a problem for the 40-year old.

Here's what he told Complex about his biggest hit.

"I actually hate the song. The record makes me cringe. But it’s actually a love hate relationship I have with it. I know that record has set me apart from where I was when it came to me being in this game and me being on a different level of success, and putting me in a different room with people to do business with. But on the flip side, 10 years later, that song has burned a hole in my brain that’s so disgusting it makes me cringe every time I hear it. When I walk in the club, the DJ is definitely going to hit the record. A lot of the time when I go in the club I don’t even let niggas know I’m in the club, I be low in the corner, just for that."
Jones also addressed Max B -- who may be getting out of prison soon -- in the interview.

First, he responded curtly when the interviewer asked Jones if Max B helped him write 'Ballin''

Never. Why would you even ask me that? Max B never wrote one ounce of my music, nor has Stack Bundles, nor has Cam, nor has anybody in my whole life.
Here what Jones said about his current relationship with B, and also with Dipset.

There is no state between me and Max B. As far as Dipset is concerned, it’s a historical thing, it’s a mark in history that we made. I feel like everybody else feel: I would love to get another Diplomat album, a real Diplomat album, a creative album that comes from the heart and not from the financial aspect. It would be dope music, I would love to see that happen. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.
10 years later, how do feel about 'We Fly High (Ballin)''?

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