Jim Jones Clowns 50 Cent's Outfit

By Daryl Nelson

Jim Jones and 50 Cent have been going back-and-forth on Instagram for a while now and it looks like the Dipset rapper finally managed to score a nice one on the king of IG.

This time, Jimmy clowned one of 50's outfits, which was a snug fitting black ensemble with black sneakers.

They got my boy lookin terrible hereswht I propose I will pay for a new stylist for u I know u don't need th money but u need help lol so I will pay for a brand new stylist all stylist in th New York area Dm ur info #OperationHelpBooBoo lookin like a scammer brought u those shoes niggas don't wear those no more curly tht was last year

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"They got my boy looking terrible," wrote Jim. "I propose I will pay for a new stylist for you. I know you don't need the money, but you need help, so I will pay for a brand new stylist. All stylist in the New York area, DM your info #OperationHelpBooBoo. Looking like a scammer brought you those shoes, nigga. Don't wear those no more more, curly. That was last year."

Leading up to Jim's post, Fif had something to say about Capo's recent arrest in Georgia. Prior to that, 50 joked about the Harlem spitter almost getting jumped in Boston. It's become increasingly hard to tell if the two are being playful, or if they really don't like each other.

What do you think?


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