J.I.D.'s Leonardo DiCaprio Obsession Cost His Album Chart Rank


Here's why J.I.D. named his 2015 EP DiCaprio, after the famous actor Leonardo.

"Leo is my favorite actor. He made me really respect acting. He was one of the first actors that I saw that made me respect it beyond a few other guys I used to like, as well, but Leo DiCaprio always stuck with me. He always has a certain passion about [his movies]. That’s the same passion I feel like I have about my music. He hasn’t really been rewarded about that. He doesn’t have an Oscar yet."

Leo did snag an Oscar in 2016 for The Revenant, and J.I.D. decided to name his sophomore album, which dropped November 26, DiCaprio 2.

The name itself wasn't an issue. But the cover art -- a photo of Leo's doppelganger, Swedish model Konrad Annerud -- wasn't properly liscened and needed to be switched out after release. According to the Dreamville artist, that sunk him on the charts.


Tough break for J.I.D., who'd been pegged as a breakout star of 2019 by many.

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