Jermaine Dupri Accuses Ciara of Plagiarism

By HHL Editors

It seems like a good time to bring up Jermaine Dupri, because well, when was the last time somebody brought up Jermaine Dupri? If you ask Jermaine Dupri, at least one person has been thinking of him, as the former So So Def CEO has accused Future’s ex-girlfriend and sometimes singer Ciara of plagiarism.

According to Dupri, Ciara's track 'I Bet,' is "dangerously similar" to Usher's 2001 hit, 'You Got It Bad', which was produced by Dupri.

Now even if Ciara did rip off 'You Got It Bad', it's not like she has a chance of replicating Usher's success.  But seeing as how the 'Blurred Lines' situation is still quite fresh in the minds of Hip Hop’s creatives, we can see where JD is coming from a bit.

Listen to both tracks below and tell us what you think.

By A. Mia Logan

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