Jazmine Cashmere Addresses Carmelo Anthony Blackmail Story

By HHL Editors

Jazmine Cashmere is no longer Jazmine Cashmere. And she certainly isn't blackmailing Carmelo Anthony with a sex tape because he owes her 15K for a sexual encounter, as we (and other news sources) reported.

The former porn star now goes by Nicole B. Jones and she says she's never even been in the same building as the Knicks star.

As she explains, somebody set up a Twitter page using her name and photos few years ago.  It gathered quite a few followers, including well known athletes and rappers. But Jones -- who has retired from the adult industry and found God -- never had anything to do with the page.

So Melo is not being blackmailed by a porn star. This may be the best news Knicks fans get this season.

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