Jay Z Wrote A Tupac Diss Track But Pac Died Before He Could Release It

By HHL Editors

It should be no big surprise that Jay Z supported the Notorious B.I.G. in his beef with Tupac.

Hov and Big went to high school together (as did DMX and Busta Rhymes) and collaborated on tracks like 'Brooklyn's Finest.'

According to DJ Clark Kent, who spun for Jay and produced three tracks on Reasonable Doubt, Hov wrote a pretty vicious Pac diss track that was never released because Tupac was shot and killed first.

"Jay did a record going at Pac but right as it was about to go out, son died," Kent said on the A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal podcast this week. "We performed it though. We was at the Apollo. It was... scathing. Crowds was like, oh shit."
So far, nobody has found a recording of the record.

Is that a beef Jay could have handled?

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