Jay-Z Was The Third Most Searched Celebrity of 2014, For Some Reason

By HHL Editors

2014 isn't quite over yet, but has already released their list of the ten most searched celebrities of the year.

Jay-Z comes in third place, following by most searched Robin Williams and then Jennifer Lawrence.

Kim Kardashian, Joan Rivers, Ray Rice, Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger, Kate Middleton and Derek Jeter round out the top ten in that order.

Further analysis of the list makes Jay's ranking even more impressive and a bit baffling. He didn't die, like Williams and Rivers. Nor was he naked, like Lawrence and Kardashian. He didn't retire, like Jeter.  Or pop up with a completely new face, like Zellweger. Yes, he had an elevator incident, like Rice. But his was much less violent and dramatic -- and anyway shouldn't that have also bolted Beyonce (and Solange) onto the list?

We guess Jay-Z is such a legend that folks are interested in him even during a year in which he doesn't release an album or do anything that noteworthy.

Or maybe there is just something screwy about those who use Ask to search and not Google.

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