Jay-Z And Roc Nation May Be Alienating Boxing World

By HHL Editors

About a week ago, boxer Adrien Broner profanely blow up on Jay-Z, accusing Roc Nation's sports management wing of negotiating with him in a disrespectful manner.

Broner ended up apologizing for his sexually graphic rant, which also hit at Roc Nation artist Rihanna.  Since the three-time world champion has always been a bit of a kook, the whole episode was dismissed as "Broner being Broner."

But there may be more to it. Three more title-holding boxers have told TMZ that they too turned down deals from Roc Nation. According to the unnamed champs, Roc Nation's negotiation tactics also rubbed them the wrong way. Specifically, they were bothered that Jay-Z didn't reach out to them personally.

The three boxers did all say they were keeping their options open in terms of future dealings with Roc Nation. And the agency did just ink undefeated super middleweight champion Andre Ward; so it's not like Hov is completely floundering in the space.

But it's interesting that Jay-Z's name and fame can actually be a detriment when Roc Nation tries to do business.

Any guesses on who the other three disgruntled boxers are?

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