Jay Z Got Lupe Fiasco Stuck In His Bad Atlantic Deal

By HHL Editors

Lupe Fiasco was at war Atlantic Records for years, before recently getting his release from the label.

It was a knock down drag out affair that even had Internet hacktivist Anonymous threatening Atlantic and its executives.

And it's all sort of Jay's Z fault.

In an interview with HipHopDX, Lupe's business manager Charles “Chilly” Patton (who's currently serving 42 years on heroin charges) explained why he and Lupe signed with Atlantic in 2005.

"This is how it went. I’ll never forget it. Jay Z hit me like, ‘Yo, I’m coming to Atlantic Records. I’m going to to be the president of Atlantic Records," Chilly explained. "I’m coming to Atlantic. I need you and Lupe over at Atlantic with me.’ I’m like, ‘cool.’ I’m thinking Jay’s coming to Atlantic so I do the deal."
Unfortunately for Chilly and Lupe, Hov got a better offer, and went on to be President of Def Jam.

"When I get out [of jail], Jay hit me — I’ll never forget it — at two in the morning like, ‘yo, LA [Reid] hit me [and offered me the presidency of Def Jam]. I’ll give you your masters, I’ll give you this, I’ll give you this.’ It was a courtesy call on some brother shit, but really he was telling me he wasn’t coming to Atlantic. I’m like, ‘nigga, you’d be stupid not to fuck with LA. This nigga is giving you your masters back. This nigga’s making you president' ... The whole shit with him and Dame was crumbling. I’m like, ‘yo, nigga, you finna be that nigga. I’m not salty.’ We cool because I could’ve went with anybody."
Chilly clearly doesn't blame Jay for the change of heart. But it would have been interesting to see how different Lupe's career would have gone if he had a more sympathetic label president.

Jump to the five minute mark for discussion of the Lupe/Hov situation.

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