JAY-Z Former Bodyguard Says Hov Keeps Beyonce Drugged


Jay Z's former bodyguard, who calls himself Uncle Ron, is dropping some big allegations against Hov and his wife Beyonce.

According to Ron, Hov ended the career of Keri Hilson because of her beef with Beyonce and tossed aside Freeway and Beanie Sigel when he was done using them for bars.

Ron, who has photographic evidence he did use to work for The Carters, also accused Jay of keeping Beyonce doped up.

"Yeah, Beyonce's on drugs.  She's been on them for a long time.  And you keep her that way."

He ended his video with a threat to Hov.

"Just how I know how you got started, I can put my foot down and make it all go away.  Promise you.  You're playing with the wrong one," he threatened.

Do you buy what he's selling?

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