Jason Mitchell, Who Played Eazy-E In 'Straight Outta Compton,' Has Meltdown on Flight [WATCH]

By Daryl Nelson

Jason Mitchell, the guy who played Eazy-E, lost it on a Delta flight after he thought his seat in first class was double booked. In a video, you can see the actor yelling and cursing out the pilots, the flight attendants and some of the passengers.

"Fuck that. I ain't getting off shit," you can hear Mitchell saying. "Get off the phone, white lady. Pussy ass shit ya'll doing ... I paid my money. I'm supposed to be right here. I got shit to do tomorrow. Fuck what you talking about, because I paid my money, ma'am. What are you saying? I got my confirmation. I got my boarding pass ... Why is he sitting in my seat? Fuck you. Tell me why I can't sit in my seat, ma'am and then we can talk  ... Everybody, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to make a fucking situation ... So fuck everybody that got a problem."
Mitchell exited the plane and was detained by police.  But Delta decided not to press charges, so he was let go.

According to TMZ's sources, the actor was at fault in all this, because he was late to the airport, missed his original flight and tried to claim his first class ticket on another flight he got on standby.

What do you think about Mitchell's behavior? You can peep the videos below.

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