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Janet Jackson Won't Clear Sample On Wale's 'Girls On Drugs' Because Of Its Content

By HHL Editors

Wale's track 'Girls on Drugs' was a standout on his Festivus mixtape. But the DC emcee is having problems in his attempt to also release it on his upcoming  Album About Nothing.

The cut is pretty thoroughly based on a sample of the Janet Jackson classic 'Go Deep.' And the word is Ms. Jackson thinks 'Girls on Drugs' lyrical content is too nasty, and won't clear the sample.

It's just a rumor, but Wale strongly hinted that what's going on in a Twitter exchange yesterday.

Wale tweet Wale tweet 2

Do you think Jackson has a point about protecting her brand and not allowing Wale to sell the track as is? And would it be possible to remove all the "drugs" from 'Girls on Drugs?'

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