Jamie Foxx's 'Hollwood' Track Listing

By Sermon

Jamie Foxx's Hollywood album will arrive on May 26. It doesn't seem to have as much buzz as his previous albums as none of his singles have really picked up. (His spotty performance last night at the "Fight of the Century" couldn't have helped.)

But there's still an entire summer that needs hits, and records like 'You Changed Me' and 'Baby's In Love' could turn into popular tunes. Here is the track listing. Features include Wale, Pharrell, and Fabolous.

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1. Dozen Roses, Pt. 1 2. You Changed Me (feat. Chris Brown) 3. Like a Drum (feat. Wale) 4. Another Dose 5. Tease (feat. Pharrell) 6. Baby’s In Love (feat. Kid Ink) 7. Text Message 8. Hollywood 9. Vegas Confessions 10. Socialite 11. Dozen Roses, Pt. 2 12. In Love By Now 13. Jumping out the Window 14. On the Dot (feat. Fabolous) 15. Dozen Roses, Pt. 3 16. Right Now 17. Pretty Thing 18. Ain’t My Fault

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