Jalen Rose Lets Rick Ross Out Of 100K Heat Better Record Than Cavs Bet

By HHL Editors

Rick Ross loves him some Miami Heat. So much so that he has the team's logo tattooed on his face.

But Ross let his hometown loyalty get the best of him in November when he went on the radio and offered to bet anybody $100,000 that the Heat would finish the 2014-2015 season with a better record than Lebron's new (old) team the Cavs.

ESPN commentator and former player Jalen Rose quickly took Rozay up on the offer.  Since then the Heat have struggled, and they currently sit at 16-21.

According to Rose, he and Ross watched the Cleveland/Miami Christmas day game together.  Although the Heat ended up beating the Cavs down, the Bawse expressed regrets about the bet and Jalen agreed to let him off the hook for a nice lobster dinner.

Since then the Cavs are 3-7 and have fallen to 19-19.  So maybe Ross should have waited a bit longer before begging off his bold wager.


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