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Jaden Smith Went To Prom As Albino Batman

By HHL Editors

Last month, when we last checked in on Jaden Smith, he was wearing dresses.

But fashion moves oh so quickly, and the part-time kiddie rapper  is on to the next big thing for prom.

what a night

A photo posted by Mecca “Crystal Mec” Kalani (@meccandcheese) on

The Comeback...(Albino jacked the headgear) A photo posted by Téo (@pleiadianmessage) on

Actually, Jadenologists will tell you that this is not the first time he's whipped out the albino Batman ensemble for a formal event. Here is the 16-year old at Solange Knowles's wedding:

Jaden batman

Although that photo is a bit grainy, it's clear that his non-traditional batsuit has gotten a lot better since the wedding.

We can only imagine the costume's level of detailing by the time he inevitably marries one of the Kardashian/Jenner girls.

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