Jaden Smith Says He Has To Tell His Dad That He's Failed Him

By HHL Editors

Jaden Smith is feeling blue.

The 18-year old rapper hosted a downbeat Instagram Live session from the always depressing DMV, in which he admitted he was going have to tell his famous dad Will that he's become failure.

"It's going to be funny to tell my dad that I like failed straight up," Jaden says.

Then he revealed what he failed at: Being a Los Angeleno.

"I'm about to move out LA, there's a lot bad things out here ... It's hard to create a life for yourself because there's nobody here that's really supporting the youth, or the youth's creativity," the wealthy son of Hollywood royalty revealed.
As he continued, he got more and more existential.

"Why aren't people Instagram Live-ing to cure cancer right now," he wondered, while twisting his hair. "Nothing about this life makes any sense."
Do you think Jaden will be able to break out of his funk?

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