Jaden Smith Said Complex Lied About Him Being On The Outs With Drake and Kanye


Earlier this year, Complex published an interview in which Jaden Smith said that Drake, Kanye West, and Donald Glover stopped hanging out with him because they started to view him as competition.

How have your friendships with people like Drake, Kanye, and Donald Glover influenced your own art?

It’s really changed. I always felt like Little Homie before and that allowed me in all of their circles. But now that I’m on the charts next to them, I’m not really Little Homie anymore.

So you’ve earned some acceptance?

No, it’s more like, “You can’t hang out with us anymore. We didn’t know you were making an album this whole time. We thought you were just Little Homie giving us free water and shit. You’re not really cool with us anymore.

The son of Will explained those words in an interview with Big Boy TV.

"Complex lied," Smith declared. "I said something really close to that. I just didn't say anyone's name. Don't throw people's names in there. I said all of that. I just didn't say anyone's names. Don't say Drake and Donald Glover and Ye because that's going to get you the most clicks. I kept it anonymous because the people I was actually talking about aren't on that level. And I would never talk about the people on that level in that type of light."

You buying that?


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