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Jaden Smith, A Boy, Wears Dresses Now

By HHL Editors

Jaden Smith is a part-time actor, part-time rapper and full-time spawn of Will Smith. The 16-year old also likes to wear dresses, despite being a boy. And he likes to tweet about how much he likes wearing dresses:

He also likes to Instagram about how much he likes to wear dresses:

Went To TopShop To Buy Some Girl Clothes, I Mean "Clothes" A photo posted by Jaden Smith (@christiaingrey) on

Jaden Smith likes to wear dresses even when it has nothing to do with social media.

Jaden Smith dress 1 Jaden Smith dress

Who should we blame, for Jaden Smith's gender bending fashion choices? Will and Jada? Kylie and Kendall? Barack and Michelle?

How about Young Thug? We blame Young Thug.

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