Ja Morant Was Investigated For Pulling Up Eight Deep On A High School


Ja Morant has been suspended indefinitely by the Memphis Grizzlies after filming himself waving a gun in a Denver club.

It was the latest in a long line of questionable behavior from the young star.

Now we have another data point to suggest that Ja needs a major attitude readjustment.

TMZ has learned that last September Ja Morant was investigated for an assault at the Tennessee high school his sister attends.

His sister and another student had gotten into an argument after a volleyball game.

So she called Ja.  Shortly after Ja, Ja's mom and dad, Ja's baby daughter and "a group of" adult males pulled up to the gym.

The group, excluding Ja's dad, then confronted the other student.  There were cops at the scene and that prevented things from getting out of hand.  But a phone was slapped out of a student's hand, a man in Ja's group threatened to beat students' asses, and there were unsubstantiated reports of a gun drawn.

Cops investigated Ja for simple assault and intimidation but didn't file charges.

After the incident, the school contacted the Grizzlies security and asked them to give Ja and company verbal trespass warnings.

This would be Ja's third incident with teenagers.  Last year, he was sued by a 17-year-old who said Ja beat him up during a pickup game at Ja's house.  

Also last year, Ja came to the mall nine deep after his mother got into a dispute with a 17-year-old Finish Line employee and told Ja about it.

Ja allegedly pointed a gun at the mall worker and punched him a dozen times.  Police investigated the incident but no charges were filed.

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