J Prince Says He's Going to Put Lipstick On Wack 100 & Make Him Twerk


Wack and J Prince continue to go back and forth.

It started when Prince accused Wack of ripping off the family of imprisoned Gangster Disciples boss Larry Hoover,

Wack said he was going to slap Prince and things between the LA boss and Houston boss have gotten more and more personal since.

In his latest attack, Prince threatened to make up Wack's face like a woman and make him dance for him.

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"Here's a man who disrespects the dead.  2Pac.  21 Savage ...  Big U.  Nipsey Hussle  ... Master P when I think of all the individuals that have done something, as far as Hip Hop is concerned. And then you get this clown [Wack 100] talking about what he gonna do to J. Prince.  All I can say is, I'm gonna make him twerk if he comes this way.  Because I know who he is.  I'm gonna make him twerk with some lipstick and make-up on.  Because that's the way it is with all the lip wrestling he doing.  This dude is a real bozo.  And I don't understand how LA.  Cause he got so much respect for LA.  Here's what I know about LA.  The man can't walk on his own block.  This whole movement between him and then in Dallas you got a Charleston White.  I feel like talking about all of this stuff.  But Charleston White is more real than he is.  This Officer Wack 100.  Because Charleston White will tell you he's a rat and he'll call the police.  This Rat 100 dude slides up on the real ones and portray to someone he's not.  Which makes him more of a threat.  So my advice to the Hip Hop culture, is don't let him know where you at when you go to LA.  Because we know what come with being rotten. Let's delete our relationship with this wood rat."

Should Wack be worried?

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