J. Cole Talks About How The 'F-ck J. Cole' Chants Make Him Feel

By Daryl Nelson

When Lil Pump started to break out about a year ago, part of his shtick was saying "Fuck J. Cole. The teen even recorded a track called "Fuck J. Cole.

Those chants have only increased since Cole addressed Pump on his KOD cut "1985"

Cole recently sat down with Angie Martinez and said those words bothered him at first, but then he realized it was all just trolling and not actual hate.

"That 'Fuck J. Cole' chant you've seen, that was prominent for at least a year before that song '[1985]' came out," he explained. "There was a whole energy happening which was new to me ... I was genuinely confused. Why are they saying this? Who is saying this? Are they for real?"

So to find out for himself, Cole visited the No Jumper podcast and learned a little something about the "Fuck J. Cole" disses.

"Somebody might be trying to fight me or something. I had to go see how real it was," said Cole. "I go in there just to see what it is in person, and everybody in there was like, 'Oh, shit, J. Cole, I love your shit.' [After that I realized], 'Oh, it's like a marketing ploy.' It's trolling. We're in the generation of trolling. These kids have figured out that attention is all that matters. The skill? Who gives a fuck about the skill. Fuck quality. It's all about attention."

Cole continued.

"We are living in the Donald Trump era," he explained "I look at it in the same lens. There are a couple artists that came up on that 'Fuck J. Cole' energy."

Is Cole right about the whole trolling thing?

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