It Looks Like Azealia Banks Is Sacrificing Animals

By HHL Editors

Remember when Azealia Banks used to do music?

We sorta can. But now she's a sad Internet creature who occasional emerges into real life to do things like embarrass RZA in front of his Hollywood friends.

Her latest attention grabbing trick is 'brujeria', which is Spanish for witchcraft.

Banks posted a video this morning in which she displayed her brujeria closet.

It looks like she's been sacrificing animals -- probably chickens. Either that or she wants us to think that she is.

She also posted a video of her "spells"

Samples of my latest magic spell. If you guys already sent an inquiry to volunteer check ur inbox in the next few hours!

A video posted by Azealia Banks (@azealiabanks) on

What's next for Azealia? Human sacrifice? Bestiality?

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