Is The Whooper X Burrito Hybrid Whopperrito The Next Big Thing In Fast Food?

By HHL Editors

The next big fast food hybrid appears to be a Whooper x burrito chimera called the Whopperrito.

This mystical food beast will tested at a Burger King in Hermitage, PA.

#FOODBEASTNEWS: We're getting reports of a #WhopperBurrito, Whopper Burrito, #whopperrito from participating Burger King locations. Imagine all the goodies in a traditional #Whopper, flame-grilled beef, American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles and white onions. @grubgrade mentions it might be available at a Burger King in Hermitage, PA. If anyone can spot one and grab delicious pictures, be sure to email us in with your thoughts: or tag #foodbeast! Full story on shortly

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Is this something your belly would be interested in?

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