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Irv Gotti Blames Racism In America On The Kardashians

By Daryl Nelson

By now you've probably heard about the Unite the Right rally that happened in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend, where white supremacists protested the removing of the confederate flag and a statue of General Robert E. Lee. Some of them also gave President Donald Trump Nazi salutes.

During the protest, one woman was killed after being hit with a car and two police officers died after their helicopter went down. Since, many have spoken out against the rally and racism on social media.

Irv Gotti happened to be one of those people and the way he sees it, older white men in America are mad because the Kardashians date black men, especially Kylie Jenner, who's been with Tyga in the past and now Travis Scott.

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According to Irv, since Kylie and her sisters have so many social media followers, they're influencing millions of young white girls to date black men, and that's what has people like Trump and other older white guys in the U.S. so upset.

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What do you think about Irv's reasoning? Do you agree with him?

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