Intruder Arrested At Drake's House After Confrontation

By HHL Editors

For the second time this year, Drake's Hidden Hills, California home got an uninvited guest.

Law enforcement sources have told TMZ that a man trespassed onto Drake's property yesterday. When he was confronted by a security guard, he became aggressive. The cops were called and the man was arrested.

Drake wasn't home during the incident.

The man told the cops he found Drake's address on the Internet and had come to his home to meet the rapper. No word on whether he brought a mixtape with him.

Back in April, a trespasser -- a 24-year-old woman-- actually got into Drake's Hidden Hills house.

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Drake wasn't in Cali then either. The intruder was found by security chilling in Drake's bedroom with Drake's hoodie on while drinking Drake's soda.

She was also arrested.

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