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Internet Becomes Jay Z's 100th Problem With #TidalFacts

By HHL Editors

Jay Z doesn't tweet much, so when he started defending his struggling TIDAL app in spurts of 140 characters or less yesterday we all took notice.

It was a little like your dad getting on Twitter and lecturing everybody, and the reactions to his #TidalFacts campaign has been the same type of mockery and snickering that would go down if pops had pulled such a move.

So now if you get on Twitter and use the hastag #TidalFacts much of what you'll see is folks having fun with Tidal's failings.

A lot of it comes from theĀ parody account TIDAL Facts , which serves asĀ grand central for funny TIDAL tweets. Check out some of the best TIDAL Facts below.

Tidal Facts Tidal facts 1 Tidal Facts 3 Tidal facts 4 Tidal Facts 2 pixel_end
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