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Instagram's Purge Completely Took Out Poor Ma$e

By HHL Editors

Last week, Instagram announced it was going to rid itself of as many spammers and fake accounts as it could.

Chaos followed and some of our most (thought to be) popular celebrities lost huge chunks of their Instagram flocks.

Justin Bieber dropped 3.5 million. Kim Kardashian was down 1.3 million, and Beyonce and Ariana Grande both dipped about a million.

But at least these personalities all still have in the neighborhood of 20 million followers.

Poor Ma$e came into the purge with 1.7 million followers and left with less than 300,000. It was such a blow that  the rapper turned preacher turned rapper/preacher decided to delete his account altogether. He also left Twitter for good measure.

If you remember, last month Ma$e suffered embarrassment when only 150 people showed up to his concert in London.

Oh well. We'll always remember him in all of his shiny, Hype Williams glory.

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