ILOVEMAKONNEN Gets Punched By A Fan (On A Tuesday)

By HHL Editors

For the second time in a week, there have been audience/artist fisticuffs at a show.  First Migos' Offset was the aggressor against a fan who was heckling him, and this time ILOVEMAKONNEN was on the receiving end of a audience member who pulled him down to the ground and then started wailing on him.

The incident took place last night in NYC -- yes on a Tuesday -- and  ILOVEMAKONNEN was playing his ubiquitous hit when it happened. As you can see, his boys quickly came to his aid and the hooded assailant fled the scene once bottles started flying.

It doesn't take long for ILOVEMAKONNEN to be back on stage and singing, so it seems like he is fine.

We have no idea what sparked the assault. Feel free to speculate.


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