Iggy Azalea Tees Off On Azealia Banks In Racially-Tinged Beef

By HHL Editors

A lot of hate gets sent Iggy Azalea's way, and she is usually pretty meek in her response.

That all changed late last night when the Australian import went off on notorious troll Azealia Banks.

Banks has made a habit of blasting Iggy on Twitter, often accusing her of appropriating black culture.  But it was actually a radio interview Banks did, in which she critical of Azalea as usual, that acted as the final straw.

One could say that Iggy is playing into Banks's hands by giving her the attention. Azalea acknowledges this in her Tweets, but still felt compelled to keep firing at her.

The crying on the radio is reference to the Iggy-bashing interview she did with Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning this week. During it, Banks began crying when talking about how she believes that big corporations are "caking off that slave money" and stealing the identities of black artists.

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