Iggy Azalea Slams Label For More Album Delays [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

It's been almost two years since Iggy Azalea announced Digital Distortion as her sophomore album.

It keeps getting pushed back, and that looks like what's happened again.

Iggy jumped on Snapchat recently and criticized her label for delaying it again.

In the clips, Azalea tells her fans that she has 'no idea' when Digital Distortion would land after being initially told it would come out on June 2.

"They were like "no we changed our mind, let's put the preorder up on at June 2",' she said, and went on to sarcastically deride her label's decision-making process.
The clips were eventually deleted from her accounts, and Iggy would later apologize for her rant and claim she was on "pretty strong meds" when she posted it.

Do you think Digital Distortion has any chance of being a hit?

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