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Iggy Azalea Is Getting Blamed For Ruining 'Furious 7'

By HHL Editors

By most accounts, Furious 7 was a crowd-pleaser. But there was one very small aspect of the film that has seemed to really irk movie goers.

That would be Iggy Azalea's two line cameo.

Iggy's had a pretty tough stretch lately, and one would have thought being associated with a such a hit movie (and not given enough screen time to actually ruin it) would have only been a positive thing for the Australian import.

But instead it just gave everybody another way to make fun of the 'Fancy' singer on the Internet. See some of the slander below.

Iggy Furious 6 Iggy furious 5 iggy furious 4 Iggy Furious 3 iggy furious 2 Iggy Furious 1 iggy furious

It turns out nothing gets folks furious faster than Iggy Azalea.

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