Iggy Azalea Denies Having Butt Implants [PHOTOS]

By Daryl Nelson

Whether you've seen some of those thirst trap pictures that Iggy Azalea posted this year, or whether you've caught a glimpse of her 'Mo Bounce' video or clips of her twerking, there's one thing that most could agree on. She has some pretty decent curves.

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But what's real and what isn't?

According to the Aussie rapper, her boobs are fake, and her butt is real. In fact, Iggy said she's never gotten butt implants.

"No, I don't have bum implants," she said during a recent interview. "They aren't my real boobs, but it is my real bum ... I do have a small waist. I have to work on it. I am never allowed to eat what I want."
Do you believe Iggy or do you think she's lying?

Here are some more photos to help you decide.

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