Ice-T & Wesley Snipes Shade 'New Jack City' Reboot


A reboot to New Jack City is in development, with Snowfall writer Malcolm M. Mays behind the script.

The original 1991 Mario Van Peebles film starred Van Peebles, Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Chris Rock, and Judd Nelson.

The reboot isn't expected to include the original cast, and Ice and Snipes have already cast shade on the project.

"Nobody contacted me or anything, so I very highly doubt that I’m involved in the new one," Ice-T said. "I don’t know if they’re going to be able to pull it off for a couple of reasons. One is Wesley’s performance. It’s going to be hard to match Nino Brown," said Ice-T. "It was about the crack era during the crack era. All the music was current — from the New Jack Swing music and the stuff Teddy Riley was doing. It was based on an actual operation out of San Francisco Felix Mitchell had going, where people were getting high in a building and never leaving... So right now, you’re in an opioid epidemic, but I just don’t know how they could flip it ... "I mean, they tried to remake Superfly and that sucked. I mean, it was a valid attempt, but you can’t make a movie that’s just a big music video."

Snipes was even more negative:

“I’m not associated with it, I have nothing to do with it at all,” Snipes told Brooke Obie of Shadow and Act. "I think some things should be left alone if it worked at the time under the circumstances. And the story was built around things that were current. I don’t particularly like the idea of recreating the drug culture. For what? Under the current circumstances.”

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