Ice Cube Says 'No Vaseline' Is Better Than 2Pac's 'Hit Em Up'

By Daryl Nelson

Is Ice Cube's N.W.A. diss 'No Vaseline' better than 2 Pac's 'Hit Em Up?' Cube thinks so, and he said it during a recent interview.

"Mines is better," he said. "Here's why: We were in the same group. It's more personal. They [2 Pac and Biggie] were just friends ... Nah, I mean 2 Pac's was banging, but my loop was better too ... But if he was here, I'd still tell him you can't fade 'No Vaseline.'"
And when Cube was asked who was the better rapper between Pac and Biggie, he said Big.

"If I'm talking about onstage passion, emcee from the heart, that's 2 Pac. [If] I'm just talking about lyrical gymnastics, that's Biggie."
What do you think about what Cube had to say?

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