Ice Cube Makes Bold Flex About BIG3 League's Ratings


The sixth season of Ice Cube's BIG3 basketball league is set to kick off on June 25.

Last year, Cube accused the NBA and ESPN of trying to destroy his three-on-three upstart but offered no further specifics.

In an interview with Logan Paul, Cube suggested it was because the league was getting too big. [Jump to one hour.]

"It’s been hard as hell to get it going. I mean, to get people to start fighting us on these different fronts. Our ratings are better than MLS, our ratings are better than NHL. So we got a sport that’s making noise," Cube claimed. "I wouldn’t know the world no different. This is just a new version of the same song. We dealt with it in music, movies and we’re dealing with it in sports."

We haven't been able to confirm Cube's rating flex, but given the ratings for the NHL and MLS aren't all that high it could be true.

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