Ice Cube Fires Back After 'Saturday Night Live' Portrays Him As a Greedy Trump Supporter


In a Saturday Night Live skit this weekend, Ice Cube and Lil Wayne were portrayed as Trump supporters.

When asked by Jim Carrey's Joe Biden character why they were supporting the President, they both answered "taxes."  Then Keenan Thompson's Ice Cube explains the Platinum Plan Cube put together with the Trump administration.

"That’s right! If you got a platinum record you can plan on him doing photo opt with you," 'SNL' Cube said.

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#IceCube reacts to SNL falsely depicting him as a Trump Supporter

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The real Cube wasn't feeling the skit.

"F*ck you SNL…trying to reduce me to greed," he typed.

Is SNL wrong for this, or his Cube fair game?

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