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Hopsin Gives Number Out To Fans; Gets Stuck With Huge Phone Bill

By HHL Editors

When Hopsin put his phone number on Facebook last week and told fans to call and text him, the general consensus among his 2.4 million followers was that it was BS -- like the time he trolled everybody by saying he's retiring and moving to Australia. 

So on Monday the 29-year old posted a video showing him answering calls. Then his line really began to light up.

Text me! people still think its not me answering. Add yourself to my phonebook once you get a text back. Ill be calling people that are in my phonebook.1 818 946 0244 Posted by Hopsin on Monday, May 11, 2015
How many folks called, texted and left voice mail is unclear. But we do know exactly how much the stunt cost has cost him so far.

Hopsin facebook

That's a phone bill for little over 6,000 bucks, for those on small screens.

If you call now you get his voice mail, and he encourages you to send him a text.

Is this a promotion for a new project, or is Hopsin somehow just rich like that?

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