Hittman Didn't Like Dr. Dre Having Jay-Z Write "Still D.R.E."

By Sermon

Hittman was a huge part of Dr. Dre's 2001 album. He wrote plenty of the rhymes, but there was one in particular that he wasn't too fond of. Jay-Z being tapped for "Still D.R.E." made him angry as he broke it down in an interview with Not Mad.

“Yeah. And I was pretty damn angry about that when it first went down,” said Hittman. “I was like “between me, Em, The D.O.C. and countless other in-house pens on deck, we ain’t capable of comin’ with somethin’ for this?” Then I heard that they paid Jay like a hundred grand to write it, wow! Not that I have anything against Jay Z, he’s one of the dopest of all time. But it was just the principle of havin’ an East Coast guy pen Dre the anthem for his comeback record. That was baffling to me.”
Regardless, the song was one of Dre's best works with Snoop Dogg. It fit well into Dre's second album.

Hittman also spoke about his time at Aftermath, helping with the album, how he and Dre worked in the studio and more.

"We had so many arguments and almost brawls, divided over which songs should make the final cut. Not to mention the occasional “you can meet me outside muthafucka!” Laughs. That passion is what made that album, though."
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