Top 20 Highest Paid Athletes Announced

By HHL Editors

Forbes annual rankings of the highest-paid athletes in the world were announced this morning.

While nobody topped the $100 million mark this year, Lebron James and soccer stars Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are knocking on the door.

The second ten were Drew Brees ($45.3 million), Phil Mickelson (43.5) , Russell Westbrook (38.6), Sebastian Vettel (38.5), Damien Lillard (38.4), Novak Djokovic (37.6), Tiger Woods(37.1), Neymar (37), Dwyane Wade (36.2) and Fernando Alonso (36) in that order.

Was Forbes ranking what you'd expect it to be, or were there some surprises?

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