HHE Exclusive: Hoodie Allen on His Dad Hearing 'King To Me,' Life After Rap & More

By Sermon

There’s a stigma about Hoodie Allen that he’s just a happy-go-lucky rapper. It’s the image he’s projected through social media and his music. It's not a bad image.  But it’s also not a complete one. Some days are terrific, but others not so much. His sophomore album, Happy Camper, aims to present him in a more relatable fashion.

“It’s sort of a sarcastic title,” Hoodie tells us. “It’s reflective of how I was putting myself out there in the world. That’s sort of only what we show the world, right? I want to, with this album, take a direction where we talk about some of the things such as being anxious about things, relationships that aren’t always good at times. Not everything is always so peachy.”
Songs like 'Are U Having Any Fun?' and 'Intro To Anxiety' support the album's plan. The first's video finds Hoodie frantically trying to please his date in an almost cartoony, video game-inspired way. He shows up in a suit, she hates it -- so minus 500 points. Then a character customization screen changes his outfit and he wins back the points.

On '25th Hour,' Hoodie Allen  hints at the idea that they’ll be a "life after Hip Hop’"for him. In a time where many artists refuse to retire, what does he see himself doing if that day ever came? “I very much think I’ll still be involved with writing music for other people,” he says. “There are songwriters who I look to who had great careers as solo artists and now transitioned to be some of the biggest producers writers out there. I’d love to that.”

For now, Hoodie just hopes to have longevity as a rapper.  He just might with an extremely loyal fanbase, The Hoodie Mob. They’re the reason Happy Camper was the #1 independent album and the #1 rap album on Billboard, despite it having a download for free option. And they are why he was able to sell out his whole tour before it begun. While Hoodie might not quite be a household name yet, he has the chance to stick around for a while.

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