Here's The Reason Teka$hi 69 Is Going To Be Left Off XXL's Freshman List


Last week, DJ Akademiks claimed XXL's Freshman List is being pushed back because it's "rigged".


We don't know for sure if the Freshman List has been pushed back. Lately, it's been dropping in mid-June and we're not quite there yet.

But now another Hip Hop media personality has confirmed some of what Ak tweeted and has added a little more to the story. Adam22 from No Jumper claims that Teka$hi 69 is being the left off the list not because the XXL staff objects to his sex crimes against a minor but because the condom company who sponsors the list does.

Love him or hate him, one has to acknowledge that 69 --  a true freshman who has seven Hot 100 hits in the past year -- deserves to be on the list if his behavior wasn't a factor.

But you can see why a condom company is uneasy sponsoring someone who has pleaded guilty to the use of a minor in a sexual performance.  

If 69 if off the list, do you think they made the right call? Or is that a slippery slope they're embarking on?

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