Hell Rell Is Gunning For 50 Cent After Gratuitous Instagram Diss


50 Cent's been going after everything Dipset lately.

Fif's constant Instagram trolling of Jim Jones has turned a friendly gym rivalry into something a little more sinister. 

Out of nowhere, Fif also hit at poor Hell Rell, who's fallen on hard times lately.


Rell said he was in the studio when people started texting with word that 50 was telling him to "get the strap."

So Dipset affiliate did.

"So I went and got the strap. Don't fucking play with me. I'm on the edge," says Rell. "I lost my motherfucking mother, I lost my daddy, I lost my grandmother, I'm on the edge man. Don't push me."

Rell does seem like a man with nothing to lose. Does Fif need to chill out with all the strap talk?

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