Heidi Klum Reveals How She Ghosted Drake


The last time supermodel Heidi Klum was on Ellen she played a game of "Who Would You Rather", on which guests chose between celebrities of the opposite sex.

Klum kept picking Drake until the end when she favored Joaquin Phoenix.

But it was Drizzy who texted her after the show aired, spurred on by Heidi's on-air announcement that she was single. 

Klum was on Ellen again today. During her appearance, she explained that she had to ghost Drake because she had just entered into a relationship with Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz.

"You snooze you lose. He called, like, a week too late,” the 45-year old said. "Someone who I know knows him and he asked to have my number and then he texted me. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so weird!’ but then I never texted him back because I found the love of my life.”

"Like, what do you say? You want to go out? And I’m like, ‘No.’ It’s better not to say anything. I’m embarrassed about it ... Drake, I’m sorry I didn’t text you back.”

The last female Drake was romantically linked to was 18-year model Bella Harris. So this is just more proof that the 31-year old likes them at all ages.

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