Guy Suge Knight Ran Over Won't 'Snitch' On Him In Court

By HHL Editors

Suge Knight is currently on trial for the hit and run murder of Terry Carter.

Today, the guy he ran and over and didn't kill refused to testify against him.

Cle "Bone" Sloan spent almost four weeks in the hospital with two fractured ankles, two torn knee ligaments and a shoulder injury that he suffered after he was run over by Knight's SUV.

Knight was seemingly targeting Sloan in the vehicular assault, but during a preliminary hearing Bone began crying on the stand and told prosecutors he wouldn't snitch on the Death Row Records founder.

"I screwed up and Terry's dead," he said, adding that he "doesn't want to be used to send [Knight] to prison."

TMZ, who broke the story, speculate that prosecutors can still use Sloan's implication that Knight should be in prison against the 49-year old when the proper trial begins.

But we have to think that having one of the main witnesses against him not helping prosecutors is going to be a legal boost for Knight, who will remain in prison on $25 million bail.

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